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October 3, 2022

Malspina, Anthony (Mal) 555025/8258043

Service Record:
Service: Australian Army
Corps: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Operational Service / Deployments:
Tonga 19 August 1991 to 10 September 1991
Somalia 18 January 1993 to 17 May 1993
East Timor 10 October 2000 to 18 January 2001
Afghanistan (OP SLIPPER) 27 August 2005 to 11 January 2006
East Timor (OP ASTUTE) 30 May 2006 to 14 June 2006
Afghanistan (OP SLIPPER) 27 September 2007 to 19 December 2007
Afghanistan (OP SLIPPER) 16 April 2008 to 23 April 2008
Afghanistan (OP SLIPPER) 27 October 2009 to 03 March 2010
Afghanistan (OP SLIPPER) 08 November 2011 to 01 March 2012

Honours and Awards:
Australian Active Service Medal with Clasps Somalia, East Timor and ICAT
Afghanistan Medal
Australian Service Medal with Clasps Timor – Leste and CT/SR
Defence Long Service Medal with First and Sec- ond Clasps
Australian Defence Medal
United Nations Medal with Ribbon UNTAET NATO Non Article 5 Medal with Clasp ISAF Meritorious Unit Commendation – Special Op- erations Task Group 637
Meritorious Unit Commendation – Task Force 66
Chief of Defence Force Commendation Infantry Combat Badge
Returned from Active Service Badge

Additional Notes
From: Jo Beavis (ASASA NSW Secretary)
Here’s a better photo of Mal, with his beloved wife Nikki. I always felt privileged to have been welcomed into their family group. So many wonderful, funny memories.
October long weekend- now the Mal Memorial Long Weekend...
Gone too soon

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