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June 9, 2022

Adamson, Charles Stuart 214352

Date of Death: 9 June 2022
Service Record:
Born: 8 January 1937 in Annandale, NSW
Service: Australian Army
Corps: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Operational Service / Deployments:
1 and 2 SAS Squadrons, Brunei
3 SAS Squadron 15 Jun 66 to 16 Mar 67
Notes of Interest
Extract from an email from Blue Parrington—11 may 13

On Anzac day I met an ex 9 Sqn Gunner. He was involved in the winch extraction of a 3Sqn patrol (first tour) in which he described a mem- ber of the patrol as saving not only the patrol but the helicopter and crew. As he was being extracted he fired on and killed a VC with an M79 HE round. This individual visited 9 Sqn in Vung Tau. He showed me a picture of the man and ‘lo and behold’ it was Charlie Adamson (aka Whispering Smith).
Honours and Awards:
General Service Medal 1962 - Clasp Borneo

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