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December 7, 2023

David"s Picture description below:
Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam. May 1970. The
Special Air Services (SAS) men, weary and dirty, but happy, return to the 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) base at Nui Dat. Left to right: Lance Corporal George Mach of Claremont, WA; Sergeant John O'Keefe of Balga, WA; Trooper Dave Crompton of Mt Waverley, Vic.
Service Record:
Born: 1 October 1948 in Melbourne, Victoria Service: Army
Corps: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
3rd Special Air Service Squadron – 05 November 1969 to 17 February 1970
1st Special Air Service Squadron – 18 February 1970 to 05 November 1970

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