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September 30, 2023

Date of Death: 30 September 2023
Service Record:
Born: 27 June 1933 in Brighton, Vic, Australia Service: Army
Corps: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Operational Service/Deployments
3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment – 12 Dec 67 to 29 Oct 68

Australian Commando Association Victoria Incorporated

With the rank of Captain, Geoff was the OC of 1 SAS Company from June 1962 to March 1963. During his period of command the Company took part in Exercise Nutcracker with 1 RAR and 3 RAR, the Company’s first occasion of providing long range reconnaissance. The Company’s next exercise under Geoff was Long Hop in Papua New Guinea in March 1963.In May 1963 Geoff succeeded Major Jim Stewart as OC of 2 Commando Company. He had completed a Small Scale Raids Course with the Company a few years earlier, under Phillip Bennett. Greatly respected by all ranks, he oversaw a number of changes under his leadership. He was instrumental in arranging the transfer of the Company away from Ripponlea although this occurred after he posted out in November 1965.

Geoff served with the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) and was its second-in-command during its time in Vietnam from December 1967 until October 1968.
At the beginning of the Battle of Coral–Balmoral in early May 1968, Geoff was tasked with coordinating 3RAR helicopter movements with units of the US 1st Infantry Division. With great difficulty, both in relationships with the US forces, and in radio communications, Geoff overcame many risks and difficulties to help secure the safety and tactical advantage of the Australians at FSB Coral.
In a distinguished military career Geoff attained the rank of Brigadier and was appointed a member of the Order of Australia in the 1987 Australia Day Honours for his service to the Australian Army as Chief of Staff, HQ Training Command.

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