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November 23, 2022

Thomas, Kim Charles (Thommo) 5716153
Service Record:
Born: 16 October 1945 in Bridgetown WA
Service: Australian Army
National Service—Yes
Corps: Royal Australian Infantry Corps

Categories of service:

Regular Army Supplement (NS) 17 July 1968 to 16 July 1970
Australian Regular Army Supplement (0) 25 March 1974 to 30 June 1988
Australian Regular Army 01 July 1988 to 25 March 1996

Operational Service / Deployments:

Borneo: 1966
Vietnam: 6 RAR 8 May 69 to 12 May 70
(Wounded in Action, Phuoc Tuy Province 10 February 1970)
Malaysia 23 November 1975 to 02 March 1976


2 Recruit Training Battalion (TrainingStrength) 17 July 1968
6 Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment Unallotted List, 27 September 1968
Western Command 12 May 1970
6 Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment 25 March 1974
Special Air Service Base Squadron 11 August 1977
Special Air Service Regiment 01 September 1977 to 25 Mar 96

Honours and Awards:

AustralianActiveServiceMedal 1945-75 with Clasp Vietnam
Vietnam Medal
Australian Service Medal 1945-75 with Clasp SE Asia
Defence Force Service Medal with First Clasp
Australian Defence Medal
Anniversary of National Sei'vice 1951-72 Medal
Vietnamese Campaign Medal
Infantry Combat Badge
Returned from Active Service Badge

From SAS Alumni John Grimminck
Hi all it is with great sadness that Kim Thomas passed away last night.
Chris Wheatley and Kim Thomas. Lest we for- get

Russell Smith Yep very sad, we took the “Snake” from Fre- mantle to Gove and back a few months after we got it, great memories, also had a lot of input in the Rib project, RIP cobber.

Edward Robert McDonald :Thommo, thanks mate. Thanks for teaching me so much on boating and even let me Coxswain the yellow boats (very )occasionally. He was a Vietnam Vet too and been around the traps.
Sad to see you go old feller.

Blessings always to your family

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