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January 12, 2022

Healy, Peter Lawrence 15374

Service Record:
Born: 29 August 1940 in Sandgate, Qld Service: Australian Army
Corps: Royal Australian Infantry Corps Operational Service / Deployments: Vietnam
3 SAS Squadron 15 Jun 66 to 27 Jan 67
8 RAR 17 Nov 69 to 23 Feb 70
Hill, Deane Leighton 52763
Honours and Awards:
No information provided.
Vale Peter Lawrence Healy
From Gus Robertson
Peter joined SAS in 1965 having completed the original Cadre after the unit received Regimen- tal status. Peter was one of the first members in the unit to retain his Sergeants strips on success- ful completion of the Cadre.
Peter was originally allocated to 2 SAS Sqn as was most of the initial course at that time. 2Sqn was allocated to Boneo in early 1966 but Peter did not accompany the Sqn as he took leave without pay for six months to get married in Brisbane. On his return to the Regt he was post- ed as a patrol commander to 3SAS Sqn. 3Sqn went to Vietnam for 12 months in 1966. He was posted out of the Regt on returning to Australia and took up a position as a Company CSM in 8 RAR.
Peter will be remembered by all he served with in the Regt as having a wicked sense of humour to which I am sure Geoff Chipman will attest. He was well known throughout the Army will be sorely missed by all.

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