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April 12, 2024

Sig Rolf Grein attended and passed the 1984 Selection Course as an 18-year-old. Then successfully underwent the subsequent reinforcement cycle.

He then spent 1985 and 1986 with G-Troop 2 squadron as dedicated Patrol Sig.

In 1987 he decided that he want to fly planes as a career and underwent private licence training at Jandakot Airport, Perth. At the time he was the fastest person to obtain his private license. We are not sure if this still stands today. In 1988 he left the regiment to pursue a flying career and was awarded a Qantas flying scholarship in 1989.

Following on from his graduation, he was employed by Qantas Airlines from1990 to 2021. During his battle he was grounded several times due to medical treatments and was finally released from Qantas in 2021 on medical terms.

Rolf’s Record of Service

Service number: 325347
Date of enlistment: 03 February 1983
Date of discharge: 01 January 1989
Rank on discharge: Lance Corporal


1 Recruit Training Battalion (Trainee) 03 February 1983
School of Signals (Trainee Strength) 19 April 1983
152 Signals Squadron 23 November 1986

Operational Service/Deployment:

Papua New Guinea (EX NIGHT FALCON) 21 September 1985 to 19 October 1985
Guam 25 January 1986 to 17 February 1986

Honours and Awards:

Australian Service Medal with Clasp CT/SR
Australian Defence Medal

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