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July 16, 2022

Brasch, Warren Robert “Blue”

Service Record:
Born: 26 August 1944
Service: Australian Army
Corps: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Notes of Interest
From Graham Brammer:
Just heard today from Blue’s nephew. Sadly, Blue passed away 3 weeks ago. This is deeply sad news for me. Blue was in K Tp when I was Tp Sgt and worked for me at Climbing/Survival Wing in 80/81. Blue was a great character. I do not know the cause of death but I will include a piece in the next Thrown Line.
From Maurice Wesson
I did my selection with Blue and he was around 30 when he did the course and was ex RAAC. He was a good rugby player for his size and a red headed Queenslander. A real stirrer and didn't care much for officialdom. RIP.

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