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SAS Associations by STATE

Each state has it's own organisation and charter, events, purpose and more. 


We are still collecting and organising information and contacts for each states, so pop back from time to time and check in on your State information.


Home to the Special Air Service Regiment and training facility, Campbell Barracks, Western Australia.

Over the past year, the Australian Special Air Services Association of Western Australia has navigated through uncharted waters, adapting and responding to the ever-evolving landscape especially in Advocacy and Wellbeing services. Through our collective determination and unwavering commitment, we have not only overcome the challenges but also emerged stronger, more resilient, and more united than ever before. Together, we have charted a clear course, ensuring a bright future for our association.


David Thomas 





M: (+61) 418448933


The Australian Special Air Service Association (South Australia Branch) is an association for all those who are serving, or have served, with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and/or Company.

Membership is also available to members of like units of Allied nations subject to certain conditions.   Affiliate and Honorary membership are also available for those with links to SASR or have demonstrated an interest in the association.

The current objectives of the ASASA are:

  • To provide advice and assistance to past and present members of the Australian Special Air Service (hereafter referred to as the SAS) and /or their families.

  • To perpetuate the close bonds of comradeship and esprit de corps created by past and present members of the SAS, and other Special Air Service units, by providing the means for contact.

  • To provide support to the SAS Regiment.

  • To preserve the good name of the SAS Regiment and guard its interests.


Roger Morish – President;

Greg Matthews – Vice President;

Deane Pye – Secretary;

Haydn Jackson – Treasure.


The Victorian Branch is looking to bring more balance into Branch activities. We attend memorials throughout the year, as is right, but we haven’t got the balance of fun events.


We now have a short membership questionnaire on our website to let us know what you’re interested in. Activities that are gaining interest include 4WDing, camping, bushwalking, hunting, book club, the annual pistol shoot competition, the new annual long gun competition, coffee catch ups, dinners and drinks.

Upcoming activities are also listed on our website.


President - Phil Sullivan

Vice President - Doug McCarty

Secretary - Declan Deasey

Treasurer - Travis Holland


Terry Nolan

Barry Jones

Tony Bowden

Mike Bourke

Annette Linacre


The Australian Special Air Service Association (New South Wales Branch), or ASASA, plays a crucial role in supporting individuals associated with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and its wider community.


This association serves as a network for both current and former members of the SASR, as well as welcoming those from similar units in allied nations, subject to certain conditions. 


President - Wayne Jones


Vice President - Matt Stevens, DSC, CSC


Secretary - Jo Beavis


Treasurer - Will Beaumont




The ACT Branch continues as an active events-based network/group consisting of both ex-serving and serving veterans who share SASR/SF Regimental and/or Army service linkages.

The ACT Branch Executive remain committed to the welfare of members and their families, with primary efforts focused connection (and/or re-connection), collaborate and deepen our existing relationships, as well as to reinforce our focus on
demonstrating and encouraging our ethos of Pursuit of Excellence.


‘Who Dares Wins’


President – Dan Fortune

Vice President – Paul Burns
Secretary – Steve Vujuvic

Treasurer – Greg “Harry” Butler
Social Member – Peter Short


Our Objectives:

To advance and promote a service to past and present members of the Australian Special Air Service and other Special Air Service Units and/or their families by providing:

  1. Welfare support; 

    • Pension services;

    • Advocacy representation;         

    • Conduct social activities and projects to assist in financing the services

    • Establish a welfare fund. 

  2. To perpetuate the close bonds of comradeship and Esprit de Corps created by past and present members of the SAS by providing the means of contact;

  3. To provide support to the Regiment; 

  4. To preserve the Regiment’s good name and guard its interest.


President - Alan (Hypo) Bowen

Vice President - Peter Schwarze

Secretary -  Ewan McLeod

Treasurer -  Nevelle Farley


Mick (MOM) ’Mallon - Social
John (Gob) Mounsey
John Kelly
Graham Brammer - Editor
Marian Gregory - Associated Ladies Facebook Group


The Australian Special Air Service Association (NT Branch) information coming soon.



Vice President



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